At the heart of our endeavours lies the desire to leverage the power of knowledge and technology to enable a harmonious relationship with nature. Our rigorous research and development, field expertise, and an unyielding passion to abide by environmental standards have led us to adopt green technology. Now, we continue to nurture a sustainable culture and endeavour as good corporate citizens by contributing to the betterment of society.



As we envision and work towards a new era of transformation, we at Sunvik Steels have invested more than Rs.50 crores to set up a Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power Plant of 10 MW to reduce the emissions of Green House Gases.As the maiden manufacturing facility that has a zero solid waste disposal system; we ensure that all residues and waste materials are recycled to its optimum through the creation of proficient by-products, sold at more than reasonable prices. Though the production of steel stands as a threat if not controlled, our environment-friendly and sustainable approach helps us eliminate these threats.

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It also enhances our production of high-quality products while assuring that we contribute to the betterment of society and the environment, simultaneously. We have further ensured that our Captive Power Plant runs on merely coal and waste gases, to generate energy. This eco-friendly step has helped us reduce power costs by 40-50% and utilize the remaining gases as fuel to run the Power Plant. As we strive to work towards enabling a stronger and secure future for everyone, we will always promote and propagate an environment-friendly culture.

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We at Sunvik Steels have created an unique ecosystem that focuses not only on building a brighter future for all but in exploring, discovering, and creating new pathways to give back to society. Through our CSR initiatives, we strive to forge an unbreakable, resilient, and durable bond across humanity. Through various programmes, we strengthen and empower the economically underprivileged. As part of these initiatives, the Company recently employed over 1000 people and secured their future. In addition, our Company has received an overwhelming response to our CSR efforts which have positively impacted the infrastructure in the surrounding villages.

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Further we have ensured that our teams collaborate to develop roads and transportation services, thereby enabling a better life for myriad communities. Today, we are proud to be a contributing member providing the highest tax revenue to the Government from the District of Tumkur. In the future, we aspire to expand our vision and effectively empower lives as a reliable, and conscientious corporate citizen.

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A few years back, with our extensive experience in the industry, we were able to collectively bring our knowledge together and start laying the foundation for our future. We grasped the importance of eco-friendly approaches in this time and age. Despite the fact that steel production emits 5 to 20 times less greenhouse gas emissions than other material alternatives, Sunvik has made its mission to ensure its operations are as green as possible.

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Now, we are proud to announce that Sunvik Steels Pvt. Ltd. has successfully achieved 100% utilization of all by-products and waste materials into the production of Fly Ash Bricks and Blocks. Waste and blow down water from Water Treatment Plants and Boilers are re-used for dust suppression and other cooling purposes after carefully maintaining the water quality parameters. Furthermore, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, water sprinkling systems and mist cannon spraying systems have been installed to control and suppress dust emissions. We are also pleased to announce that all required import of electrical energy is sourced from renewable resources like Solar Energy, Wind and Mini-Hydro Power Plants. Sunvik Steels Pvt. Ltd. has also surpassed all set targets for reduction in Plant Energy Consumption under PAT-2 Cycle monitored by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power and Government of India. We want to iterate that Sunvik Steels is profoundly invested in the future of the world and that our company and our products represent our ideals.

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