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“ Great advancement comes from great learning.”

Post Covid -19, our country is progressing in leaps and bounds. As we all know, the more the progress, the greater the demand for structural facilities. There has been a lot of research conducted to find the right kind of construction raw material that is durable and economical. The resultant development is the TMT bar.

What is a TMT bar: Steel bars – traditionally treated with German technology, “Thermo Mechanical Treatment,” are known as TMT bars. TMT bars are the mainstay and backbone of any and every construction project – from infrastructure to small stand-alone houses.


  1. First and foremost consideration is the reputation and mission of the manufacturer and whether they have a testing facility.
  2. Certification – BIS or ISO – of the product and the manufacturer.
  3. The quality of iron ore and other raw materials used in the manufacture.
  4. Manufacturing procedure and if the manufacturer complies with ‘Green” methods.
  5. Grade of the TMT bars because TMT bars come in various grades to be utilized depending on the type and size of the construction project.
  6. Whether the TMT bars are weather, fire, and earthquake resistant.
  7. Another very important factor is the flexibility, bendability, and ductility of the TMT bars.

For a layman, this might be a bit hard to understand and ascertain.  The site engineer or architect will have the necessary knowledge to advise the builder/promoter/owner of the project.

Sunvik Steels have researched and applied the best technology in the manufacturing of TMT bars. We have a fine reputation for best quality products and customer satisfaction. We have also adapted reforms to produce Green Steel. Our TMT bars are tested rigorously to ensure that they meet the highest standards of strength and reliability, ensuring that they will last for a lifetime. With our TMT bars, you can build structures that are strong, durable, and eco-friendly. Our commitment to quality and durability is reflected in the manufacturing process of our TMT bars, where we use only the finest raw materials and the latest technology.

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