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‘Home is where the heart is’

Everyone wants a home which they can call their own, which will be their security blanket and a haven at all times. We still have some of the old monuments which have lasted for centuries but generally civilisations have not stoodup to the vagaries of the weather.

As research and technology have advanced, so has the processing of building materials.

What is the backbone and mainstay of any construction, irrespective of size, location or utility? The TMT bars used to erect the structure!!!

What are TMT bars? TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment. This is a process of re-enforcing steel and making them into barsfor use in construction of buildings, infrastructure and everything else.

Under the Thermo Mechanical Treatment the hot-rolled steel re-bars are quenched immediately after coming out from the final rolling stand.In the due process TRICORE is formed upon self-tempering and atmospheric cooling of the steel bar which turns it into a Thermo Mechanically Treated bar i.e. TMT bar. TMT bars come in different grades which vary in strength and safety parameters. Currently Fe550 grade TMT bars are being used predominantly for all types of constructions.

TMT bars are an effective protection against earthquakes and weather conditions/disasters because they are anti corrosive and oxidation resistant.

Why are TMT bars better than other construction materials? TMT Bars have a much higher tensile strength and elongation value. For a layman this essentially means a lower requirement of steel andenhanced safety,making it very purse friendly as it also saves on transportation and storageand maintenance costs.

SUNVIK STEELS IS WELL KNOWN FOR MANUFACTURING GREEN STEEL.They are dedicated to saving energy, reducing Greenhouse emissions and conserving natural resources. This is achieved by applying refined manufacturing procedures for Fly Ash Bricks ad Blocks by using solid waste generated during steel production and from the Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, Wind Power Plant thereby improving quality and efficiency of their products while protecting the environment.“Sunvik Gold” TMT bars are offered as Green TMT bars in the Fe550 grade segment.

A home is made only once in a lifetime.Always use the best for infinite security and strengthfor your dream home.

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