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World Environment Day is observed on the 5th of June every year to remind the world of the environmental challenges we are facing due to misuse or overuse of natural resources. When the challenges are highlighted, we are made to realize how dangerous the future could look. That is when we are stimulated to change our ways in order to protect the planet.

The significance of observing World Environment Day is to inspire a positive change and promote sustainable development goals, so the entire population of the world realizes that, “We are responsible for creating the issue and we should be responsible for mitigating the problem.”

But, bringing about positive change is dependent on taking positive actions. We, at Sunvik have always been mindful of our actions and constantly try to integrate processes into our business, that are going to make positive impact on the efforts to bring about a global change in terms of environment.

Being associated with steel making, we are automatically labelled as an adversary to the environment. But we have put in incredible efforts to change that impression and prove to the world that right actions can bring about a transformation.

A brief view of Sunvik’s efforts towards making a positive impact on the environment:

Sunvik’s in-house captive power generation plant:

Green House Gas Emission – A challenge…

Emission of gas from industries, particularly those burning fossil fuels like, coal, oil and natural gas are increasing the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the environment. This is leading to enhanced greenhouse effect, which is a major contributor to global warming.

How Sunvik is mitigating the challenge:

Sunvik has given a serious thought to this concern and has invested more than 50 crores to set up a Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power plant which currently generates 10 MW of power.

Hot flue gases released from our steel manufacturing plant is captured and utilized to generate power. The captive power plant reduces the gas emission, in turn reducing the impact on greenhouse effect. In addition, it makes Sunvik one of the very few industries to have an efficient power consumption pattern and 40-50% reduction in power cost.

Sunvik’s Fly Ash Brick unit:

Solid Waste – A challenge…

Increasing population, booming economy, rapid urbanization and the rise in community living standards, have accelerated generation of solid waste. This adds to the burden of issues on environment. Creation of solid waste depletes natural resources by using water and energy, places pressure on land, creates pollution and becomes an additional economic cost on waste management.

The statistics involved were staggering, it triggered our concerns and directed us towards looking for solutions.

At Sunvik Steel Plant, solid waste is not waste but a by-product.

We realized that making efficient use of the solid waste would be an answer to the problem, and from that realization originated the Fly Ash Brick making unit.

Fly ash, coal ash and steel slag generated from both steel and captive power plant is utilized to make fly ash bricks.

This idea has not only taken care of the impact of solid waste on the environment but also has become the source of employment generation for the local population.

Our actions towards creating a positive impact on the environment doesn’t end here, we are conscientiously looking for ways to evolve into a greener business model. Our next goal is to utilize the solar energy and achieve maximum power efficiency.

Inner Strength is not merely a measure of quality of the products we manufacture, at Sunvik, even individuals are infused with Inner Strength, which becomes a guiding force for our actions.

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