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It has a very sweet ring to it, doesn’t it? We have been hearing it over and over for more than a month now and it still sounds like music to our ears. Why not? For a brand that promotes “TRUE” as a prefix to everything that they do, whether it’s procuring true raw material, or maintaining true quality in every operational process, or employing true personnel to uphold the integrity of the organization, or producing true TMT Steel, it is no small feat to receive commendation from one of the most prestigious organizations in the country.

Our brand promise of being the TRUE TMT came a full circle when the Times Business Awards announced the winner in the category for, “The True and Most Reliable TMT Brand”… SUNVIK. No matter what we do from here, we will always have that winning feeling.

But on the flip side, we will have no room for error from here on, laurels are not the milestones to rest on. In fact, it is an impetus to aim higher. We are already proud to say that we leave no stone unturned to make sure we do everything to the best of our abilities. But there is no such thing as perfect… we will continuously stive to work in that direction, that’s the agenda.

There are a lot of things that go into making a brand a winning formula, the most important of which is, the quality of the end product. Then, there are the people that invest their time and resources in the product, the group of people involved in the marketing of the product and finally the satisfaction and trust reposed by the end user in the product. When the functioning of all these pieces fit-in together seamlessly, the brand enters the winners’ circle.

While Sunvik is humbled by the honour bestowed upon it by the Times Group, we also recognize that the award has come by due to the efforts of a lot of people involved. We take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for putting Sunvik in a winning position.

In the next blog we will tell you a little more about how Sunvik turned into a True winner. It is not just the product but the whole environment consciousness involved in the production of Sunvik TMT Steel.

Our Inner Strength has shaped a successful path for us so far. The best acknowledgement of that, is the trust placed in Sunvik by the consumers.

To know more about Sunvik TMT and the local availability, please contact us:

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