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The latest challenge the world is facing is how to save our planet from carbon emissions and how to save & preserve our natural resources. The steel industry is the second largest industry in the world and consequently contributes the most in terms of atmospheric greenhouse emissions.  To counter this, the steel industry has started advising manufacturers to produce ‘Green Steel’. The Steel industry is being advised to prioritize the improvement of sustainability through environmental, social and regulatory developments.

How is steel manufactured? To put it in a nutshell, steel is manufactured using fossil fuels which emit enormous amounts of carbon emissions in every step and process of manufacturing, especially the furnaces.

What is Green Steel? Green Steel is steel that is manufactured without using fossil fuels or non-renewable energy sources such as coal, natural gas, crude oil, petroleum products and non-renewable wastes. This is done by using low-carbon energy sources or electricity generated by renewable energy sources.

What are the steps to producing Green Steel? An important step to producing Green Steel is innovatively ‘decarbonizing’ the industry in a sustainable way. Adopting technology to reduce carbon emissions substantially is also an important way.

How is Green steel revolutionising the steel industry? The second largest industry in the world is the steel manufacturing industry, and the traditional process of manufacturing emits a high volume of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases which are harmful for the sustainability of the earth’s inhabitants- humans, flora and fauna. Producing green steel will greatly impact the earth in terms of sustaining and purifying the atmosphere. The industry will adopt modern technology and consequently produce better steel. Technology will also provide solutions to using waste products to produce products like fly ash bricks which can be converted into sustainable building blocks. Waste water disposal will also save the usage of natural resources. All in all, it will be a great service to mankind and a very economical proposition to the manufacturers.

Sunvik Steels are one of the manufacturers who have adopted the technology of producing Green Steel. Sunvik has always taken the energy-efficient approach. 90% of the power is generated in-house using solar, wind, biogas and captive power (using the excess heat from the furnace to generate electricity). Their products are certified, and they have been awarded the certificate of Authenticity in February 2022. Sunvik has also been honoured as the “Most Trusted Eco-friendly Green TMT” at ET Achievers Award.

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