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Today as we look out of our windows or cars, what we see is a sea of buildings of all sizes and shapes, be it residential or commercial, small, medium or huge. All these structures are strong enough to last a lifetime and are built with the strongest steel. We are proud to see the development, but how many of us realise that manufacturing that steel actually emits the most pollutants? The steel industry is the second largest in the world and, consequently, the second largest polluter. This realisation has dawned on the industry, which has made many inroads in the research for “decarbonising” the production of steel for a sustainable future.

What is decarbonisation: decarbonisation means measures taken to reduce its carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide and methane to reduce the negative impact on the climate and achieve a sustainable future.

What measures can be taken to minimise carbon footprints emitted by the steel manufacturing units?

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency or reducing energy consumed is a critical decarbonisation strategy where the less energy needed means the less investment is required for new energy resources.

Electrification: This means switching fossil fuel to electricity- the production of electricity is the largest in the world.

Carbon Capture: One of the newer technology involves capturing carbon dioxide from a facility or removing it from the atmosphere. Hydrogen created through electrolysis by renewable energy with captured carbon dioxide will produce either synthetic gas or liquid fuels.

The well-known manufacturers of steel are in the process of decarbonisation or will do so in the very near future. Sunvik Steels, a reputed steel manufacturing unit, has already incorporated many changes to make Green Steel. They are committed to quality products, customer satisfaction and doing their bit to save the planet.

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