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The biggest challenge today is saving the earth from pollution and pollutants. Effluents from large and small industries, indiscriminate use of plastic, deforestation etc., have a direct and lasting negative impact on the environment. Everyone has to contribute in their own way to re-generate a healthy atmosphere.

The manufacture of Green steel is one way because the steel industry – which is the second largest industry in the world – emits the most pollutants in the manufacture of regular steel. Consumers, too, should insist on using GREEN STEEL.

Green steel has been revolutionising steel manufacturing in the very recent past. Green steel does not mean that the colour of this steel is green- it means that this steel has been manufactured with environmentally friendly processes and produces much less harmful pollution than the regular manufacturers emit.

To start with, Green Steel is not very different from regularly manufactured steel. It is more strong, lightweight, earthquake-resistant, weather resistant and cost-effective. Using TMT bars made from Green steel has many advantages. TMT bars are much stronger; hence the quantity required for construction is reduced. Reduced quantity means lower transportation and storage costs making it a very economically viable proposition. The manufacture of green steel is very necessary because of the environmental impact.

Green Steel has everything to do with the manufacturing processes. The main factors for producing Green Steel are the use of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind energy, biogas etc., thereby reducing pollutants. The manufacture of green steel positively impacts the environment and is beneficial to the producers because renewable energy is used, water and waste management is employed, and carbon footprints are significantly reduced.

Benefits of using Green Steel for a house construction

  • Higher speed of construction
  • Energy efficient.
  • Promotes sustainability
  • Very economical-best value for money.
  • Better strength and ductility in the steel used.
  • Ideal for prefabrication.
  • Lower weight.
  • Easy for the architect to design.

From manufacturer to consumer, Green steel is the most economical and environmentally friendly option

Green or sustainable house construction is the practice of creating and using eco-friendly and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, demolition and disposal.

Sunvik Steels are foremost in manufacturing Green steel. The latest and best technology is applied for producing green steel and managing resources at their manufacturing plant. Sunvik has always practised an energy-conserving course of action. 90% of the power is generated in-house using solar, wind, biogas, and captive power. Their mission is to save the environment, produce best-in-class products and provide complete customer satisfaction.

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