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The industry is advancing and growing the fastest in the construction industry. In this progressive stage, Research and development play an important role in proposing the best options for strong and long of life projects.

One aspect is “ How do TMT bars reinforce concrete.”

Concrete is a globally used material used in construction projects. Plain concrete cannot bear heavy loads or withstand the impact heavy loads have on the structure, and cracks begin to form. To avoid and offset this problem, combining concrete with steel/TMT bars to reinforce the cement was found to be a great solution.

Steel and concrete are both strong materials but combining them adds to their strength multiple times.  The bond formed by combining concrete with steel has been vital for the strength of the construction project because steel or TMT bars provide the required tensile strength and supplement the compressive strength, especially in supporting columns and walls.

Why does concrete need reinforcement? Concrete has a very high force strength, but it is very low in tensile strength. A high amount of strength is required to crack/crush concrete, but it is possible. To withstand heavy blows, TMT bars are added to concrete to make it indestructible.

TMT bars to the concrete are like a skeleton to the human body

Steel and Concrete bond well to provide everlasting strength to a project. Combined together, the concrete and Steel bar structures are known as R.C.C. With its high compressive strength, and its ability to undertake any shape, it has become the most preferred construction material compared to other building materials

Sunvik Steels is well aware of the R.C.C. requirements and benefits to the construction industry. They manufacture TMT bars which are perfectly concrete to provide the strongest edifices. Sunvik Steels is committed to quality and customer satisfaction which makes them a reputed manufacturer in the Steel industry.

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