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The present scenario, post Covid 19, has been very conducive for all-around development, especially in the real estate sector. Construction has seen a great increase. Along with the increase, there is also awareness of its negative impact on the environment for decades. The pollution and emission of greenhouse gases by industries, especially steel manufacturing units, have severely impacted the environment.  To counteract and prevent further damage, the steel industry has adopted many technologies and practices

The main item on the agenda was to produce Green Steel. Steel is an omnipresent element used in every industry. The first step taken is to produce TMT bars for all construction purposes

TMT bars are used in every type of construction and infrastructure, like bridges, flyovers, dams, power plants, high-rise buildings, bus depots, railway stations, airports, underground passages, and metros.  These are the skeleton of the structures which provide the strength and long life of the project. This is why the quality of TMT bars is vital

TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment which is a process for manufacturing steel bars which are the mainframe of the construction industry. This process involves quenching and self-tempering to give strength, flexibility and ductility to steel bars

Applications: TMT bars are used in the construction of all infra structure-flyovers, bridges, airports, seaports, train stations, bus depots and shelters, hospitals, schools/universities, high rises, malls, commercial complexes, recreational complexes, stand-alone buildings like homes, villas.


  • TMT bars are produced to provide immense strength
  • Enhanced properties compared to steel bars, like flexibility and ductility
  • Earthquake and weather resistant
  • Saves on storage and transportation
  • Cost-effective

Sunvik Steels are frontrunners in producing the best-in-class TMT bars at their facility. Sunvik Steels uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce green steel that is used in a wide range of applications. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, and its products are designed to meet the strictest standards.

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