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In India, as everywhere in the world, steel  TMT Bars are widely used. It is used in the construction of every structure, be it a house or a skyscraper, a bridge or a port, a station or a depot- steel is the base on which everything exists.  It is obvious that with the massive demand for high-quality strong steel, there will be many manufacturers to cope with the demand.

Production of steel TMT Bars is one of the biggest industries in India and all over the world. All industries, residential and commercial setups rely on the power generated and distributed by the Government. The bigger the industry, the larger the demand for electricity. Electricity in India is generated from coal as well as water and some nuclear energy which is really not used in the domestic sector. The natural resources that are required for generating electricity are fast depleting leading to scarcity of electricity. In this scenario, alternative power generation is the call of the hour to keep the industry alive as well as save planet earth from carbon emissions

The TMT Bars manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries. Consequently the use of natural resources and the emission of effluents is much more than other industries. This industry also contributes to heavy carbon emissions, pollution and is a set back to the environment.  With “go green, save the planet” being the call of the hour it is time for manufacturers to ”pull up their socks” and save the world.

With the danger of depleting natural resources looming large it is imperative that the industry compensates for the use of electricity by generating alternative energy, minimising pollution and efficient waste management. Alternative energy can be generated by harnessing solar power, wind power, biogas power and captive power for the manufacture of steel and TMT bars

SOLAR POWER: In India, there is no dearth of sunlight. Most of the year, the sun shines bright and is an excellent source of energy. It is easy to harness solar energy using solar panels or photovoltaic glass. This kind of power can be stored, and the excess can even be distributed to other users. This process is extremely eco-friendly and can go a long way in preserving the planet. It is a clean and renewable source of energy

WIND POWER:  Wind power or wind energy denote the process of using the power generated by wind using turbines for generating electricity. It is a clean and renewable source of energy. Wind power may or may not be sufficient for the steel industry, but it certainly reduces the burden of production for domestic use. It is a clean and renewable source of energy

BIOGAS POWER: Biogas is an environmentally-friendly, renewable energy source. It is produced when organic matter, such as food or animal waste, is broken down by microorganisms in the absence of oxygen. This procedure is environmentally friendly because it reduces carbon emissions significantly. Ideal for small to mid-size industries to reduce the burden of power generation using coal and water

CAPTIVE POWER: Captive power is the excess power generated by large industries for supply to smaller and local consumers. This power is harnessed using solar, wind or biogas energy. The excess is stored and distributed to other consumers conserving natural resources and protecting the environment in an eco-friendly way.

All major steel-producing industries, like Sunvik Steels, are gradually adopting safe and eco-friendly methods of manufacturing TMT bars. By installing alternative power-producing units, there is lower reliance on Government supplied electricity. Technology is also used by Sunvik Steels in reducing and recycling waste to produce by-products, making it an economically viable proposition

Sunvik Steels are aware of the danger to the planet and have an upgraded facility to produce best-in-class steel TMT bars. They recycle waste to make by-products like Flyash and blocks and manufacture/substitute electricity to power their plant. This facility is an environment-conscious unit, and the mission is to produce “GREEN STEEL”. For incorporating Green Steel manufacturing, Sunvik Steel has been awarded and honoured as the “MOST TRUSTED ECO-FRIENDLY GREEN TMT” at ET ACHIEVERS AWARD.

For mission green steel Sunvik Steels have set up a Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power Plant of 10 MW to reduce the emissions of Green House Gases and have a zero solid waste disposal system. They ensure that all residues and waste materials are recycled to achieve 100% utilization through the creation of proficient by-products. Sunvik Steels are proud to announce that they have successfully achieved 100% utilization of all by-products and waste materials in the production of Fly Ash Bricks and Blocks. Waste and blow-down water from Water Treatment Plants and Boilers are also getting re-used for dust suppression and other cooling purposes after carefully maintaining the water quality parameters. Furthermore, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, water sprinkling systems and mist cannon spraying systems have been installed to control and suppress dust emissions. Sunvik Steels have also announced that all required import of electrical energy is sourced from renewable resources like Solar Energy, Wind and Mini-Hydro Power Plants.

Green Steel means a green world.

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