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TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are steel bars which are used in any kind of construction. Like the heavy load bearing structures of bridges, ports, stations, or commercial structures like residential or office complexes, schools and hospitals, high rises and malls. TMT bars are the spine and frame of every edifice. They are used with cement and concrete to give support and life to any structure.

TMT  bars are made of steel which is an alloy of iron ore and carbon. It is imperative that the raw material used is processed with the best technology to provide best is class TMT Bars.

Steel strength, ductability, flexibility, malleability are some properties of steel which have to be refined and enhanced during the manufacturing process

Here are a few pointers of the 5 step manufacturing process of TMT Steel bar

Step 1 – Extraction of iron from the original ore.

The extracted iron is kept in a molten state and then treated and converted into steel billets

Step 2 – Heating, Rolling and formation of reinforced bar:

The steel billets are made by heating to very high degrees and are rolled to reshape the billets into the final size and shape of the reinforced bar before passing through a rolling mill stand.

Step 3 – Quenching:

After leaving the final rolling mill, the hot re-inforced bar is instantly quenched. Quenching means to cool at extremely low temperatures. This difference in temperatures toughens the outer layer of the bar. the surface of the quenched bar becomes cold and hardened whereas the core still remains hot.

Step 4 – Self- tempering:

A temperature gradient is formed across the cross-section of the quenched bar after leaving the quenching box. As an outcome heat flows from the core at a relatively higher temperature to the outer surface.This causes the correct tempering of the outer layer into a structure known Tempered Martensite and the formation of an intermediate ring of Martensite and Bainite. The core still stays in the austenitic state at this stage

Step 5 – Atmospheric Cooling:

The bars are subjected to atmospheric cooling to equalize the temperature difference between the soft inner core and the hardened exterior after the self-tempering process. When the bars are completely cooled down, the austenitic core gets transformed into a ductile ferrite- pearlite structure.

Following the above steps to precision and perfection produce the best quality TMT bars

Which have the desired tensile strength, malleability, ductability and  high elongation as required in the construction of building.

Sunvik Steels have an upgraded and world class facility operated with the most superior technology to manufacture the best in class TMT bars. Sunvik Steels are also aware of the negative impact the steel industry has on the environment. They minimise the impact by generating their own electricity, and efficient waste management by manufacturing by products from the waste generated(material

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